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Coaching & Consulting
Thomas d’Ansembourg, Psychotherapist
Epictetus, Philosopher
Coaching is about you. In respecting that you are you, I adapt my coaching approach to what will give you the best results in moving towards, and achieving, your personal goal — rather than sticking to a fixed model.

I seriously believe a good coach can coach in almost any area, as the potential lies with the coachee. The coach’s task is to find ways to boost this potential, rather than giving expert advice on a specific area. The areas mentioned below are therefore just examples of my scope.

Career Coaching
Creativity Coaching
Communication Coaching
Coaching for Actors

Career Coaching
Most people spend at least 40 hours at work every week. Are you among the lucky 20% who feels they use their strengths every day at work? If not, chances are you would like to. Be it by becoming more aware of your strengths and how they can benefit you, or by developing in areas you want to improve, and thus create greater satisfaction and even pride in what you do. Turn a good position into a great one. Or choose a job rather than letting a job choose you. Then you also choose whether next week’s 40 hours are going to be your hours.
I mirror great minds to shine even brighter!

Creativity Coaching
You like routines, putting things in boxes and keeping them where they belong according to you? Or is it sometimes like the labels on your boxes don’t really cover? Or maybe you even get bored with ‘things just being as they are and have always been’? Think outside the box. Mix boxes. Re-size them. Re-shape them. Colour them. Re-name them. Throw them in the air. Abandon them altogether. There are no limits to creativity. As to me, thinking differently comes naturally, as an instinct, I will help you unlock your boxes too. You already have the key, now let’s look at ways to use it.
I take thinkers out of their box!

Communication Coaching
We live in The Age Of Communication, more than ever. That means we spend — and waste — a tremendous amount of time on creating, transmitting and receiving messages in all kinds of ways from speaking to texting to e-mailing to phoning to twittering to… stop! My head is full! And yet, surprisingly few among these masses of messages fulfil their purpose: To have a point, and to reach their point. Effective communication is down to some very simple basics. For example, if you want to be improve your presentation skills, I co-operate with presentationgym.
I help talents to focus!

Coaching for Actors
I could have called it ‘Casting Coaching’ to stay with the ‘C’s. Only, it’s much more than that. I can coach you to prepare for a stage or film casting and beyond, when you get the part. That’s when the real challenge comes. My acting experience is also useful in coaching on completely different subjects, as role plays and improvisation and creativity exercises often prove very powerful in moving and expanding your comfort zones.
I inspire artists to create!

Contact me today to schedule a free coaching talk!
Then we’ll take it from there. To where you want to be.

Choose a chair
It surprises people how well it works to be coached on the phone or on Skype, with or without webcam. Some are afraid that it’s not as effective as face-to-face coaching, as you cannot catch the subleties of the non-verbal part of the communication — however, phone or Skype conversations often prove to increase concentration and focus, and therefore even make the coaching process more efficient. I invite you to give it a try.

If you choose to meet in person, we can either sit down at a table, or cosily in my sitting room, or we can go for a walk, for example in the beautiful and quiet little park a stone’s throw from my place. Walking not only makes the brain more active, it also calls for inspiration and creativity to stroll among flowers and trees, birds and the occasional squirrel.

We can of course also meet elsewhere, like in town or at your workplace or home, when schedules and practicalities permit.