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Coaching & Consulting
‘The clock is running. Make the most of today. Time waits for no man. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.’
Alice Morse Earle, Historian
‘To coach’ means ‘to bring a person from one place to another’. My mission is to inspire people to move themselves to where they truly want to be.

Everything we do in life, everything we spend our precious time on, should be a joy or at least be accompanied by the feeling that it is a step on our road towards what we want. Sometimes we have to let go of our stubbornness and imagined wishes. This may feel like a sacrifice but is in fact a huge liberation, which releases time, energy and strength to continue on the road we actually want to walk.

If a person says: ‘He inspired me, moved me, and thereby inspired me to move myself’ after an encounter with me, my life is worthwhile. If, every day, I make a person smile, it has been a good day. That’s my vision.

When I first came across the coaching profession, I saw an opportunity to do just that, in a most welcome combination of three of my deepest interests: communication, psychology and creativity.

Around me, I witnessed how colleagues, friends and acquaintances struggled to find a path in life that truly satisfies them. I left a secure and rather well-paid job in order to dedicate my energy, time and money to further developing my people skills into something more tangible, and, through this continuous learning, to support those unique people in further developing their full potential. So I became an accredited coach with the Coach University, one of the pioneer schools, and will be a Master Coach by autumn 2011. Affiliated with the International Coach Federation, I respect the ICF Code of Ethics.

A trained journalist, I have worked for close to twenty years in marketing, promotion and communication, both in the public sector (the official publishing body of the European Union) and in the private sector.

I speak six languages and can make myself understood in a further four. Through my education and experience, both work-related and because I grew up in a multicultural environment, I am very aware of differences in communicating one message to different audiences.

I have ten years’ experience in giving presentations, and a big part of my consulting work consists of analysing and evaluating presentations. I also act (theatre), which has made me even more aware of other aspects of communication than just the written or spoken word, such as stage presence.

My other interests are music (mainly progressive rock and Britpop), quiz games and travelling. Addicted to active holidays, I have been to around 40 countries on all continents.

What my coachees appreciate is that I do not stick to a shaked‘n’baked model; I give them a vast space to find out what works for them. In other words, I have a very personal and differentiated approach for every individual coachee. Also, coachees like that I do not rush things but give them the time they need to be ready. People seem to like flexibility, as often it is exactly the constraints of schedules and frames that holds them back from growing their own way.

This approach goes hand in hand with my main values: integrity, freedom, empathy. I believe if you have the courage that integrity ironically takes, you can truly be free. To get there might require hard work, and that all starts with empathy and support.

A selection of what my customers think
    ‘As part of our international coach team at Presentationgym, Bjørn provides us with presentation coaching services for our customers. In all my dealings with Bjorn I have found him to be motivated, engaged, timely and has given feedback and coaching of the highest quality. I can happily recommend Bjorn as a coach and business partner!’
    Peter Hall, Managing Director/Owner, Just Here Once

    ‘My desire is to promote good health by helping people feel their best. The coaching sessions with Bjørn provided me practical tools to help expand my perspective and gain clarity with my goals and objectives. His insightful and pleasant approach makes self-exploration a great experience.’
    Flip Humphrey, Massage Therapist

    ‘The coaching sessions made me acknowledge and unplug resources I had not been (fully) aware of beforehand. I experience the sessions as enjoyable and exhausting at the same time, which is a good sign. Being questioned in a very constructive way by Bjørn has led me to question myself and certain behaviour patterns. More and more often I now find the courage and energy to approach challenges with colleagues or difficult tasks in different ways — pleasantly surprising! And highly recommendable.’
    Policy Analyst, European Commission

    ‘Bjorn provided me with high quality coaching services. I have found him to be creative, motivated and engaged. I strongly recommend Bjørn as a coach!’
    Alicia-Luna Scala Amez, Lawyer