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Coaching & Consulting
‘Research shows that simply the simple act of thinking about something negative causes the immune system to decline. Likewise, as soon as you stimulate the mind with positive input, antibodies become more active.’
Richard David Precht, Publicist
I have made the choice to donate part of what I gain on coaching to some rather different charity organisations whose aims I strongly support.

Alertis is a fund for bear and nature conservation. It saves especially bears from cruel human exploitation and when necessary creates protected habitats for bears and wolves. Furthermore, Alertis supports research projects, nature conservation and educational projects.

The football club 1. FC Köln is World-renowned for its modern and successful youth work. Its
charity engages itself in helping young people between 14 and 22 years to find traineeships
and become part of the job market. It also supports ‘KIDsmiling’ in helping socially
disadvantaged children and youngsters to build up their self-motivation through sports and
cultural activities. Last but not least, the Stiftung 1. FC Köln takes part in supporting children
who suffer from cancer.

Self-explanatory, really. This organisation brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. Simple as that, important as that!

I had the privilege to join one of Global Exchange’s Reality Tours in 2009 (I shall be happy to send you more about that highly educative trip on request). This international human rights organisation is dedicated to promoting social, economic and environmental justice around the world and works to make globalisation people-centered rather than profit-centered.

Any of these organisations will of course appreciate your support too!